• September 11, 2018

Fortntie Battle Royale Season 5 Guide: Level Up Fast

With Fortnite’s Season 5 introducing challenges that need players to reach set amounts of XP in order to unlock the full Drift outfit, numerous players are focusing on grinding out XP and more Fortnite Items as fast as possible so they’re able to rep the badass skin. Not surprisingly, XP is actually a tiny trickier to acquire than merely ranking up your Battle Pass. Nonetheless, there are a few things to remember that could assist you to considerably boost the speed you level up in the course of Season five of Fortnite.

Best Way to Level Up Fast

The Season 5 Battle Pass is now live, so players looking to get all the neat items will want to focus on leveling up as fast as possible. The faster a player levels, the sooner they’ll unlock the best items (like the new emotes and skins), and while there’s not some glitch to get players to max level, there are things which will help focus the effort.

Probably the most obvious thing players can do to level up fast is to focus on the challenges. Whether the challenges are the free ones offered for all players or the ones tied to the Battle Pass, completing them is key to a rapid increase in levels. At the moment, players with the Battle Pass should be trying to find all lightning bolts, as this will give a good chunk of XP.

Another way to level up fast – though not nearly as reliable – is to wait for a double XP event. These come around every so often, but they’re likely not frequent enough for a player looking for a quick way to level.

Ideally, players need to choose up the Battle Pass, because it gives considerably extra challenges more than the course of Season 5. It is going to set players back 950 V-bucks, so make certain you know the way to get extra V-bucks! And, needless to say, be certain you try and get that sweet Victory Royale, as surviving to the final moments is going to award extra expertise than dying within the first couple of seconds.