• May 2, 2024

2 Powerful Faith Builds In Elden Ring

There are many different builds in Elden Ring, and it’s worth picking one you like and spending the time building it. Here we mainly recommend two powerful constructions about faith, hoping to help players better create their own game style in the game.

1. Fire damage build
Fire damage is the focus of this build, using some of the best fire weapons and spells available. The Blasphemous Blade is the weapon used in this build and is probably the best weapon of faith in Elden Ring. The Blasphemous Blade, paired with the right items and amulets, allows you to use your fire abilities to destroy anything that stands in your way.
Next a few words about the spells used in this build. In my opinion the best offensive fire spell in the game is Giant Fire, it does a lot of damage and has the advantage of having more range and damage the more you charge it. It has a large area of effect and can destroy almost any enemy that gets in its way. Another offensive spell is Aguil’s Flame, which obviously does fire damage to your target, which is a really good spell for the build right now.
It’s time to talk about talisman. The first is Shard Of Alexander, which greatly increases the attack power of the skill. To put it simply, the holder’s fire ability on the Blasphemous Blade can cause more damage; the second is Fire Scorpion Charm, which is used to increase our fire attack power, without this our build will be incomplete. The third is Flock’s Canvas, which greatly increases the potency of our spells, meaning offensive fire spells can deal higher damage. The release of weapon skills in this build will completely expose us, so we need the last is Dragoncrest Greatshield to improve our survivability.
As for the detailed information of the character attribute points in the game in the current build, please refer to the table below.


2. Lightning damage build
The use of the lightning ability in Elden Ring looks cool, and of course, there’s no need to worry about the damage done. The final attribute point content in this build looks like this:


The construction of attribute points mainly focuses on dexterity and faith. As you can see, increasing dexterity increases melee damage; increasing faith increases the damage caused by lightning spells.
As for weapons, it is recommended to use the Bolt of Gransax, which is the best lightning spear in the game. The ancient lightning spear ability on this weapon does massive damage and is pretty cool. Before using this weapon, please increase your strength and dexterity to at least 20 and 40 respectively.
As for spells, we use Golden Vowel to increase attack and defense by 15 each. Since this is a faith build, we need the Gravel Stone Seal to cast the spell, which has a very high level of faith scaling on it to enhance your lightning abilities.
Next let’s talk about the talismans in this build. Shard Of Alexander greatly increases the attack power of skills and helps us deal more damage; Lightning Scorpion Charm increases our lightning damage and is indispensable for the use of Bolt of Gransax. Of course, we also need Dragoncrest Greatshield to improve our survivability. Flock’s Canvas, greatly increases the effectiveness of our lightning spells.

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