• May 9, 2024

15 Tricks in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a brutal and complex game. Here we share some tricks to help players have more fun during their journey to Tarkov.

1. Weapon malfunctions – In Escape from Tarkov, you may encounter weapon malfunctions. It is very important to bind the Inspect current weapon and Check chamber/fix malfunction to the same shortcut key, because it makes the operation faster.

2. Watch out for water – Even if the item is insured, you still have to watch out for water, as insured items thrown into the water by players or teammates will often not be returned by the in-game insurance provider. Hmm, this is the “water insurance” that players joke about. If your items accidentally fall into the water and are lost, you can obtain eft streamer items by purchasing them.

3. Cook grenade – You can’t actually “cook” grenades in Escape from Tarkov. You can activate the grenade in your hand in advance and throw it at any time for more precise grenade throwing timing.

4. Not wearing goggles in foggy weather – Glasses emit light and you tend to give yourself away when wearing any type of glasses, so avoid this.

5. Set loot keys – Inventory management is crucial in Tarkov. Being good at using bound hotkeys like Ctrl+Click and Alt+Click to quickly transfer and equip looted items will give you a great advantage in Escape from Tarkov raids.

6. Focus on EFT-Ammo – Escape from Tarkov is a game about ammunition. EFT-Ammo provides detailed charts and data on the different types of ammunition available in the game to help players understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of ammunition. If you want to get the corresponding ammo, you can click on the escape from tarkov bullet to get what you want.

7. Hip firing – Hip firing is crucial for CQB in Tarkov. Practice hip shooting in offline raids, trying to hit specific targets from different ranges to build muscle memory and learn where the barrel is actually pointing.

8. Stop treatment – Once your health is full, just left-click to save a second or two from the healing animation.

9. Run at the railings – No need to jump over the railing. Simply run up to the railing without requiring any special mouse movement or head-up, as the character will automatically step over it after a short delay, saving a lot of energy.

10. Emergency painkiller – Some people don’t know that this boost can actually be used as a pain reliever, giving you two and a half minutes of pain relief and making you sweat.

11. Pre-War painkiller – Take painkillers before entering a battle to avoid being in unbearable pain when being shot, and you can better respond to enemy attacks.

12. Use Map Genie – Map Genie is a useful interactive map tool that provides detailed custom tactical maps for all major Tarkov maps, including exit loot, locations, weapon spawn points, keys, and other points of interest. You can use it to navigate the game environment to complete tasks.

13. Level Up vendors – In order to unlock higher-level equipment and services in Escape from Tarkov, you can strategically use different vendors and trade with them to upgrade them.

14. Find marked keys – The marked key is the key to entering the marked room. Marked rooms contain rare and valuable loot in Escape from Tarkov. Finding these keys and successfully looting marked rooms can greatly increase your wealth and equipment.

15. Epsilon container – After you complete the “Punisher Part 6” quest, you will get the Epsilon container. Do not sell it. When you have a higher level you can get millions of rubles with it.