• May 14, 2024

Erangel Classic in PUBG: New Features

Erangel Classic will launch on PC from May 14 to May 28, 2024, and on consoles from May 23 to June 6, 2024, replacing the current Erangel map in normal play during this period. Players are looking forward to this and are enthusiastically recharging their accounts. Now, the pubg g coin price is 60% cheaper, so act quickly! This update mainly covers the following aspects:

The update brings significant tweaks to the game’s arsenal, including reducing the recoil of most guns. This adjustment is intended to enhance player control over weapons, improving shooting accuracy and stability during intense encounters.

Weather effects:
Experience extra immersion with the introduction of fog and rain weather conditions in Erangel Classic. These atmospheric changes enhance the dynamics of the game, challenging players to adapt to changing environmental elements.

Weapon placement:
Prepare for battle more strategically as weapons are now scattered across the benches on the starting island. This feature allows players to collect additional guns and gear before a match begins, thus equipping them for upcoming conflicts.

Tommy Gun Returns:
The beloved Tommy Gun makes a triumphant return and can now only be found in care packages. Its reintroduction adds an additional layer of excitement as players compete to acquire these coveted weapons to gain a tactical advantage in battle.

Original graphics:
Relive the nostalgia of Erangel Classic with improved original graphics that faithfully recreate the map’s unique visual beauty. Immerse yourself in the iconic landscapes and landmarks that define the battlefield’s appeal.

World map and minimap:
Easily navigate terrain with reintroduced world map and minimap features. These tools provide valuable insights into the surrounding environment, aiding in strategic planning and navigation throughout the game.

User interface enhancements:
Enjoy a more seamless gaming experience with optimized user interface enhancements. Streamlined menus and controls ensure smoother interactions, allowing players to focus on the heart-pounding action without distraction.

Gameplay tweaks:
To enhance balance and engagement, this update makes various gameplay adjustments. These adjustments are designed to improve the overall gameplay experience and ensure exciting encounters and strategic gameplay moments.

Survivors, get ready to jump into battle and conquer the battlefield like never before. Erangel Classic brings you a fresh and exciting PUBG gaming experience.