• May 27, 2024

Mastering the Beryl M762: A Comprehensive Guide

The Beryl M762 is quickly becoming a powerful weapon in the exciting PUBG battlefield due to its high damage and rapid rate of fire. Master the skills of using weapons, choose top up cheap g-coin pubg to upgrade Beryl M762, and experience the joy of competition. Understanding its characteristics and mastering its recoil are critical to being able to use this weapon effectively. Let’s dive into our detailed guide to the Beryl M762 from stats, rate of fire, time to kill, recoil management, recommended accessories, and training exercises to hone your skills with this powerful weapon.

Beryl M762 Guide

Damage Stats:

  • Body Damage: High
  • Headshot Damage: Exceptional
  • Limbs Damage: Moderate

Rate of Fire:

  • Standard: 0.086s (full-auto)
  • With attachments: Can be slightly increased

Time to Kill (90 FPS):

  • Body Shots: Approximately 0.40s
  • Headshots: Nearly instantaneous

Time to Kill (60 FPS):

  • Body Shots: Around 0.66s
  • Headshots: Very fast

Recoil of Beryl M762:

  • Vertical Recoil: High
  • Horizontal Recoil: Moderate to High
  • Recoil Pattern: Mostly vertical with some horizontal deviation

Best Grip for Beryl M762:

  • Angled Grip: Helps reduce horizontal recoil, improving overall control during sustained fire.

How to Use This Weapon (Beryl M762)

  1. Control Recoil: The Beryl M762’s high recoil can be challenging to manage. Practice controlling its vertical and horizontal recoil patterns by pulling down on the mouse or joystick while firing.
  2. Burst Fire: Utilize short bursts of fire instead of prolonged full-auto fire to maintain accuracy and control recoil. This technique is especially effective at medium to long ranges.
  3. Aim for Headshots: With its exceptional headshot damage, aim for the head to quickly eliminate opponents. Precision aiming can significantly reduce time to kill and conserve ammunition.
  4. Engage at Mid-Range: The Beryl M762 excels in mid-range engagements, where its high damage and rate of fire provide a distinct advantage. Use cover and terrain to your advantage to close the distance to your targets.
  5. Customize Attachments: Experiment with different attachments to tailor the Beryl M762 to your playstyle. Attachments like the angled grip and compensator can help mitigate recoil and improve overall performance.

Training Drill

  1. Recoil Control Drill: Enter training mode and practice controlling the recoil of the Beryl M762 by firing at targets at various distances. Focus on maintaining accuracy while controlling both vertical and horizontal recoil.
  2. Target Acquisition Drill: Set up targets at different ranges and practice acquiring them quickly with the Beryl M762’s sights or scopes. Work on aiming for headshots to maximize damage potential.
  3. Burst Fire Practice: Practice firing the Beryl M762 in short bursts, focusing on maintaining accuracy and minimizing recoil. Gradually increase the length of bursts as you become more comfortable controlling the weapon.

In short, get familiar with this weapon and maximize its level, and follow the weapon guidelines mentioned above in daily practice. You will eventually master its essence and make you invincible on the PUBG battlefield.