• June 12, 2024

Obtain And Upgrade The Police Gauntlet Interceptor

Police Gauntlet Interceptor fulfills a long-standing player demand for a police/emergency muscle car in the game. Players have been requesting police vehicles like this for over 11 years since GTA V’s original release. It appeals to players because of its authentic police car aesthetic, customization potential, rarity, and uniqueness. We can obtain it through the following steps:

1. Start the new “Cluckin Bell Farm Raid” heist by going to the “V” icon on your map.

2. Complete the first mission called “Slush Fund” where you steal cash from a money-laundering building.

3. After finishing the “Slush Fund” mission, you can purchase the Police Gauntlet Interceptor from Warstock Cache & Carry for $5,420,000.

4. To unlock the trade price of $4,065,000, you need to complete the entire “Cluckin Bell Farm Raid” heist as the leader. The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid is quite challenging, you can get gta 5 modded accounts that will help you complete the raid. Of course, you can also click here to get the way to complete the raid efficiently.

5. Once purchased, you can store the Police Gauntlet Interceptor in any of your properties/garages as a personal vehicle.

6. You can request the delivery of the Police Gauntlet Interceptor from your mechanic after acquiring it.

7. The Police Gauntlet Interceptor can only be modified at a vehicle workshop inside one of your owned properties.

In step 7, we mentioned changing and upgrading the Police Gauntlet Interceptor. Here are some recommendations for upgrading the vehicle:

Armor Upgrades
Upgrading the armor to 100% is highly recommended for the Police Gauntlet Interceptor, as it is meant to be a durable police vehicle. This will increase its explosive resistance and ability to withstand more damage.

Weapons Upgrades
The Police Gauntlet Interceptor should theoretically be able to equip Proximity Mines, Missile Battery, and other weaponized vehicle upgrades from the Weaponized Vehicle Workshop.

Performance Upgrades
· Engine Upgrades (EMS Upgrade, Level 4 Engine, etc.) to maximize acceleration and top speed.
· Transmission Upgrades for faster gear shifts.
· Turbo Tuning for an additional boost in acceleration.
· Brakes Upgrades for better stopping power.

Customization Options
· Get the Police Livery to make it look like an authentic police interceptor.
· Upgrade to Bulletproof Tires to prevent getting immobilized by gunfire.
· Customize the Respray with a stealthy all-black color scheme for a “Stealth Interceptor” look.
· Add Xenon Headlights for better night visibility.

Follow the steps to first unlock the Police Gauntlet Interceptor, then upgrade the vehicle as recommended above to suit your play style.