• June 22, 2024

GTA Online: The Way To Unlock Navy Revolver

The Navy Revolver is a special, unlockable weapon that cannot be purchased from Ammu-Nation or the roaming Gun Van. Unlocking the Navy Revolver involves completing a themed quest called the Los Santos Slasher Hunt. To unlock the Navy Revolver in GTA Online, you need to complete a series of tasks involving finding clues and defeating a special enemy. In order to successfully complete the mission, you can use legit gta 5 modded accounts xbox one, which is convenient and guaranteed. The following are the detailed unlocking steps:

Finding the Clues

All clues are marked on the map above. Use gta cheap money to make your game easier. The following are the clue details:
1. Clue 1: “Can You Find Me?” Graffiti
· Location: On a wall in Great Chaparral, near a gang fight area.
· Description: A message written in chalk.
2. Clue 2: Severed Hand
· Location: Near the Sandy Shores Air Strip, among garbage bags and an old tire.
· Description: A severed hand lying on the ground.
3. Clue 3: Bloody Machete
· Location: In a wooden barn in Grapeseed.
· Description: A machete stuck in a door.
4. Clue 4: Bloody Handprint
· Location: On a cabin door in the back of the cabins.
· Description: A bloody handprint.
5. Clue 5: Slasher’s Van
· Location: The van can appear in one of five possible locations:
· Next to railway tracks
· Under a bridge
· Behind a red oil reservoir
· On one of the islands
· On a hill in the woods

Encountering the Los Santos Slasher
· After finding all five clues, you will receive a message from the Los Santos Slasher.
· Head to Blaine County between 7 PM and 5 AM.
· The Slasher will spawn and attack you. Defeat him to receive $50,000 and the Navy Revolver.

Additional Rewards
· Navy Revolver Challenge: Get 50 kills with the Navy Revolver to earn an additional $200,000 in GTA Online and unlock Lowry’s Revolver in Red Dead Online if both games are linked to the same Rockstar Social account.

The above are the detailed steps to unlock Navy Revolver. I wish you a successful unlocking!