• June 20, 2024

Explore the hidden Easter eggs in Fallout 76: The Secrets of the Wasteland You Don’t know

As a popular game from Bethesda, Fallout 76 has attracted a large number of players with its vast open world and rich plot. In this wasteland, there are many interesting Easter eggs waiting for players to discover. At the same time, players can also enhance their gaming experience by buy Fallout 76 items. This article will take you to explore some hidden Easter eggs in Fallout 76 in depth to help you find more fun in the game.

Tribute to classic games

The Elder Scrolls series

As another famous game under Bethesda, the Elder Scrolls series has received many tributes in Fallout 76. For example, you may find some items or places related to The Elder Scrolls in the wasteland, such as weapons and books in Skyrim.


As a classic shooting game, Doom also has its own Easter eggs in Fallout 76. Players can find weapons similar to BFG 9000 in the game, as well as some hidden Doom Guy images.

Shadows of movies and TV

Alien series

In Fallout 76, you may encounter scenes and items that remind you of the Alien series. For example, the strange creatures and equipment that appear in some laboratories and research facilities are clearly influenced by the Alien series.

Doctor Who

As a classic British science fiction series, Doctor Who has also left its mark in Fallout 76. Players may find some blue telephone booths and NPCs in strange costumes, paying tribute to this classic series.

Humor and spoofs in the game

Rabbit hole

In Fallout 76, you can find a mysterious rabbit hole, and after entering it, you will find a fantasy underground world. This is obviously a tribute to Alice in Wonderland, allowing players to feel the fantasy charm of classic fairy tales while exploring the wasteland.

Giant livestock

Super-large livestock, such as giant cows and chickens, will appear in some places in the game. These livestock are not only huge in size, but also have high attack power, which brings a lot of surprises and challenges to players.

Historical events and cultural references

Cold War period

The background of “Fallout 76” is set in the United States after the nuclear war, and many game elements refer to the history of the Cold War period. For example, many propaganda posters and broadcast content in the game clearly have the propaganda style of the Cold War period, which adds to the historical weight of the game.

American Folklore

In “Fallout 76”, players can also find many contents related to American folklore. For example, the mysterious “West Virginia Monster” and the legendary “Gray Man” are both reflected in the game, allowing players to feel the strong regional cultural color during the exploration process.

“Fallout 76” not only attracts players with its open world and rich plot, but also provides players with more fun to explore through various Easter eggs hidden in the game. From tributes to classic games to shadows of movies and TV, to humorous spoofs and historical and cultural references, these Easter eggs undoubtedly add more charm to the game. I hope this article can help you discover more interesting secrets in “Fallout 76” and enjoy every moment of exploring the wasteland.

If you want to know more about the latest strategy and hidden content of “Fallout 76”, please continue to pay attention to our updates. I wish you good luck in the wasteland world and discover more easter eggs!