• June 23, 2024

Perks Guide to Increase Grenade Hit Rate

In Fallout 76, grenades are very effective combat tools that can deal a lot of damage in a short time. However, to maximize their effectiveness, choosing the right Perk card is key. In this article, we will introduce two Perk cards that can significantly increase the hit rate and effectiveness of grenades: Fire in the Hole and Grenadier. For players looking to enhance their gameplay, it’s also beneficial to consider options to buy Fallout 76 items to complement these Perk cards.

Fire in the Holeperiod


The Fire in the Hole Perk card improves grenade hits by displaying a throwing arc and increasing the grenade’s throwing distance.


  • Level 1: Shows a throwing arc and increases the distance a grenade can travel by 15%.
  • Level 2: Displays a throwing arc and increases the distance a grenade travels by 30%.
  • Level 3: Increases the distance a grenade travels by 50% by displaying a throwing arc.

By leveling up this Perk card, the player can aim more accurately at the target, thus increasing the grenade hit rate. In addition, if you are experiencing difficulties in the game, you can consider fallout 76 buy caps to get more resources and improve your overall combat ability.



Grenadier This Perk card, on the other hand, makes grenades more effective by increasing the blast radius of explosives.


  • Level 1: Increases the blast radius by 50%.
  • Level 2: Increases the blast radius by 100% (i.e. twice as much).

By using Grenadier, even if the grenade does not directly hit the target, it can still deal more damage to the enemy through the expanded explosion range.

Combined Boost

These two Perk cards can significantly increase the hit rate and effectiveness of grenades. Fire in the Hole helps players aim more accurately by displaying the arc of the throw, while Grenadier increases the range of the explosion, allowing the grenade to deal more damage even if it doesn’t hit the target directly.

By combining these two Perk cards wisely, players can use grenades more effectively in battle and improve their overall combat ability. Hopefully, this guide will help you become a stronger fighter in Fallout 76. If you are still looking for fallout 76 caps for sale, these Perk cards will be your best choice to improve your gaming experience.