• May 20, 2024

Escape from Tarkov: The Art of the Sniper

In real life, everyone has dreamed of becoming a sniper, and Escape from Tarkov helps players realize their dream of becoming a sniper. The bolt-action sniper rifle is a good choice for Tarkov’s snipers. Some of the sniper rifles mentioned below can be obtained by escape from tarkov roubles, which is very convenient. Having a powerful gun is the key to becoming a sniper. Next, let’s explore some of the most popular sniper rifles of recent times.

1. Mosin 7.62x54R
The Mosin is no stranger to gamers and is considered one of the best and most affordable bolt-action sniper rifles, performing well in both infantry and sniper variants. The Sniper variant allows mounting optics and has decent stats like 1000m effective range. It can be purchased from Prapor at Level 1 for around 34,000 rubles
2. DVL-10 7.62×51
The Lobaev Arms DVL-10 is a highly accurate and ergonomic bolt-action that excels at long ranges. The DVL-10 Saboteur variant with an integral suppressor can be obtained through a barter trade with Skier at Level 4. It uses the excellent 7.62x51mm NATO, which is recognized as very powerful.
3. AXMC .338LM
The Accuracy International AXMC is a long-range bolt-action chambered in the potent .338 Lapua Magnum. It provides excellent performance at extreme distances.
4. SV-98 7.62x54R
The SV-98 is another popular 7.62x54R bolt-action, offering a good balance of affordability and performance. It can be purchased from Prapor for around 45,000 rubles
5. Remington M700 7.62×51
The M700 is a classic American bolt-action that accepts a wide variety of modifications. It’s a good value at around 44,000 rubles and can be obtained from Peacekeeper or Jaeger at Level 3.
If you have an excellent sniper rifle, congratulations, you have taken a big step towards your sniper goal. Experience and skills in actual combat are also very important. Here are some tips:
1. Be patient and don’t rush around. We only run when we are crossing an open area or running away. During the sniping process, you need to repeat these actions such as walking, waiting, and listening. Most of the time running will kill you, especially if you ‘re alone.
2. Don’t keep going high, it will kill you. The best sniping angles are from the most unexpected, not from stairs, or sandbag kill holes, or even from random bushes. If you’re placed high up, you’ll be spotted, and you’ll likely be flanked and killed.
3. Don’t expect to become an elite sniper overnight. Sniping requires skills, map knowledge, positioning, patience, weapons knowledge, long-range engagement practice, etc.
4. Don’t stand near a window if you are in an urban environment. Standing several feet away from the window not only reduces your silhouette, but also makes your hit range and shooting angle less convenient for both the scout and the PMC.
5. Do not move together if you are sniping during co-op. Play a supportive overwatch role, allowing your commandos to move forward while you cover their backs. It’s more of a lighthouse/woods/shoreline thing since the open space changes more frequently .
6. Carry a handgun instead of a submachine gun, the silhouette of a submachine gun will be hard on your back even with the stock removed. For snipers, rifles are their lives. Being familiar with rifles is the most basic requirement. Of course, it is equally important to be familiar with pistols as much as possible. This is your lifeline in 100 battles and should be relied upon extensively.
7. Quit using 1-6x reticle, prioritize 3-12s, 4-16s, you’re sniping you should NEVER have to use a scope within 100 meters.
8. Level Jaegar to 3 ASAP. Get him to 3 so the 34mm scope mounts are far cheaper, they vary far too much in price beforehand to be a reliable economic choice.
9. Hit rate, the charm of a sniper is one word accuracy. In actual combat, try to get your rifle’s hit rate to at least 80%. For a sniper, every bullet counts.
10. Camouflage is much more important than armor/ballistic protection. Good camouflage can lead to better sniping.

A suitable sniper rifle combined with effective sniping skills will make you invincible in the game.