The Interface And Gameplay Options Beta Of RuneScape

The beta of interface and gameplay options has been released, which means you can choose how you play RuneScape with the EoC/Legacy Mash Up.


Previously, you had the choice of playing RuneScape with the Evolution of Combat system and complex, customisable interfaces, or in Legacy Mode, with old-style, low-intensity combat and traditional, fixed interfaces.

Now, you can pick and choose your favourites in any of four combinations, straight from the Combat Settings interface:

  • Evolution of Combat and New Interface System
  • Evolution of Combat and Legacy interfaces
  • Legacy combat and New Interface System
  • Legacy combat and interfaces

It is just the first step of RuneScape beta, and more updates are waiting for you. So, let’s enjoy your time by participating in RuneScape 2007.

Share Protean Logs In Runescape Treasure Hunter

If you want to have a perfect performance on your aquarium, you can use the stackable supplies to train Firemaking or Fletching, or turned into protean planks in the Construction training. Of course, it’s not easy if you don’t use the assistance by buying Runescape Gold.


From 00:00 UTC (game time) on the 24th of April until 23:59 UTC on the 27th of April, protean logs will be available on Treasure Hunter.

If Construction’s what you’re after, take your protean logs to a sawmill (either portable or the one near Varrock) to change them to protean planks for 5 coins each.

If Firemaking or Fletching takes your fancy, simply click the logs and choose what to train. If you’d like to train both at the same time, first select the Fletching option (the knife tool) – then ‘Fletch and Burn’ to split your XP gain between both skills.

Another things you need to note, before you must click again and restart the process, you can train on 60 logs or planks, and you can make up to 500 planks at a time.

Remember 2007’s Runescape When Sees The Browser MMO

There are so many memories about 2007’s Runescape. It’s a day that my brother stared his homework reluctantly when I looked over his shoulder. He knowed that the fine well, cardboard Flash people were hacking at rocks or each other with lead-grey pickaxes.

2007’s Old School Runescape

Since then, the game has moved on in hops (more quests), skips (combat system upgrades) and jumps (a fundamentally new graphics and audio engine). But nostalgia comes even to the young, and today sees developers Jagex launch early access to Old School Runescape.

Exactly how much time and effort Jagex will devote to Old School Runescape in the coming months and years will be determined by a player referendum next week. Incredibly, the Cambridge developers are prepared to stick an “additional full blown development team” on the job if desired – presenting the tantalising possibility of an alternate timeline Runescape, which will grow in different and new directions in accordance with player voting.

“There’s always a certain amount of nostalgia when talking about anything to do with the past,” said Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard in a statement today. “So we needed to be sure that Old School RuneScape was something that a reasonable amount of our players genuinely wanted, rather than just something that they had a passing interest in and with over 250,000 votes already cast, the popularity of this initiative is clear.”

The people who participate in the vote before the conclusion on March 1st is available to the chance about accessing to the 2007 servers early. And the official will launch to follow in the near future.

Do you have any memories about Runescape’s 2007? Please share with us by leaving comments below.

Ourg Navicular Bone Fragments At RuneScape

As you know, the Ourg navicular bone fragments are available from the God Conflicts dungeon to RuneScape players, so you need to collect your own Runescape Gold navicular bone fragments or buy them by Runescape Gold from other players.

Compared with rsgoldfast RuneScape 3

Dragon navicular bone fragments are usually easy to acquire, while the Ogre navicular bone fragments are less common. Either way, 99 prayer will be expensive; either in real price or in the loss of prospective income from navicular bone fragments gathered and used instead of sold.

It’s amazing that the new RuneScape upgrade has been released for every gamers. well, How time flies! A good news that you can generate beat cores on treasure hunter in the end of the week, and help your partner stacking XP lovers with rsgoldfast and Cheap RS Gold. Beside, Pulse Cores can be got from 00:00 UTC on Apr 10.

Have A Full Enjoyment In Mining Area Of Motherlode

I am so glad to tell you the surprises that Old School Runescape brings today. It’s diffecult for you to image the pet dialogue. Well, let ‘s have a full enjoyment in mining area of Motherlode.

Old School Runescape

Motherlode Expands from 54 Ore Veins to 64

1. Details of Expansion and Requirement to Access

With the development of Motherlode mine, Prospector Percy decides to expand the mine from the existing 54 ore veins to 64 in new upstairs area. Players with a level 72 mining now could join in to experience the great update. What’s more, players need to pay a one-off fee of 100 Runescape Gold for access into the centre of mine with ladder. So the question is, do you reach the level or obtain enough Runescape Gold?

2. Gold Nugget Obtaining and Mining Level Up

When zombie pigmen is killed, it may drop 0-1 Runescape Gold. And if it is killed by a weapon enchanted with looting, it may drop an additional Runescape Gold per level of looting used, up to a maximum of 4.

Additional Option and Pet Dialogue Provided

Just like summoned familiars can appears as Companion pets in 03 Runescape, now Old School Runescape provides “talk to” option for boss pet to replace the “pick-up”. Meanwhile, they also offer lovely update for elemental pet, dark core pet and chompy bird petto makes pets dialogue available.

Based on the “talk to” option on left-click, some players suggest that they prefer left click to be ”walk here” toggle or allow players to right-click ”examine” pet alongside its” name. And Mod Ash has replied that it would be possible with some reprogramming of the game engine, but since Ian”s currently working on other things, it will still need some improvements. We expect so, however, just enjoy it before new update coming!

Besides, the other updates are carrying on, including the purchase on devices and new set of doors for Edgeville bank. Runescape will consistently improve itself to meet the players’ demands. So, let’s expect and enjoy the new update!

A New FIFA Price Range Update Has Been Released By EA

The new price range update has been released for FIFA 15. EA stated that all updates series are beneficial for the players, and they are building a more fun, simulation and unique game environment for every gamer.


Another Price Range Update Has Been Released for FIFA 15


The company further stated that these adjustments are not final, and they will continue to release Price Range updates as they see fit, in order to make the market as balanced as possible while new items are being introduced. In addition, the company apparently wants to make sure that players can get adjusted to new changes as quickly as possible, though it’s not clear what they’re doing in this regard.


According to the company, there are several goals that they’re trying to accomplish with these updates. First, they want to help gamers understand the actual value of players they have in their clubs; second, high-valued footballers shouldn’t be so hard to obtain for some players, and the Price Range updates are aimed at making the playing field more balanced as a whole.


Last but not least, the company wants to limit illegitimate transfers of coins on the Transfer Market as much as possible, and these updates have been working in this direction specifically. Of course, in the end, there’s not that much the company can do to prevent players from making illicit trades, but they have certainly been putting a lot of effort and it’s clear that they are trying.


Meanwhile, EA also brought down the Team Transfer Market for a brief maintenance, as they wanted to fix issues with itemsgetting stuck. Players have been complaining about that for some time now, and it’s good to see the company addressing the issue so quickly. The downtime didn’t last too long, they only needed about 6 hours to get their maintenance done.


Facing to the complaint about frequent downtimes, EA explain that they are putting effort into resolving the game’s issues, even when it means making it temporarily unavailable for players, and they will do everything possible to resolve issues with FIFA as quickly as possible.

The Latest Premier League Stat Updates For FIFA 15

With many top FIFA players receiving stat updates, there are some of the upgrades EA have released recently. Here are four players in particular given notable upgrades.

Official FIFA 15 Premier League stat updates

Hector Bellerin, the Spanish full back, has emerged as a key player for Arsenal in recent months, and his great displays have been mirrored in his FIFA 15 stats. The former Barcelona youngster has seen a huge overall upgrade from 65 to 68 overall, with specific stats like interceptions and attack position receiving big boosts too. The 20-year-old has huge potential, and we could well see his stats continue to increase in the coming weeks.

Bellerin isn’t the only Arsenal youngster to have impressed this term, as defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin has also become a vital player for Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman has provided bite and energy in front of the Arsenal defence, and after starting the season as a 70 overall, Coquelin is now up to 75, continuing to rise on a regular basis.

Whilst Steven Gerrard is the big name in Liverpool’s midfield, Jordan Henderson has had another steady season. The England international could well be Gerrard’s eventual replacement at Anfield, and his upgrades in vision and marking mean he has now been boosted from 78 overall to 79.

One of the biggest risers throughout the season has been Tottenham striker Kane, who started the season at 71 overall. That feels like a long, long time ago now though, as Kane’s amazing goalscoring record this season has seen him now rise up to 78 overall, with further upgrades in his finishing, dribbling and attacking positioning.

Do you have any views to the official FIFA 15 Premier League stat updates? Please share with us by leaving comments below.

2016 European Championship – FIFA Stage

More and more people full in love with FIFA. Football has a kind of power to make you crazy for it, although it isn’t flowery. It only appears to be a rectangular field with lines marked on it, a centre circle, a flag on every corner and a goal in the middle of the two shorter sides, the design of the football pitch is elegant, simple and perfect. David Winner reports on the 150-year evolution of this symmetrical masterpiece.

Football stage

Top-of-the-table thrills

Record Austrian Bundesliga champions Rapid Vienna clawed their way back to a draw after going 3-0 down to league leaders Salzburg in a fascinating encounter. Despite this heroic effort, the battle for second place is far from over.

Sepp Blatter

In his weekly column, the FIFA President reflects on the independence of football, declaring: sport must never be reduced to being a plaything for the powers that be.

On the up

Northern Ireland are on track to qualify for EURO 2016. This achievement is thanks in no small part to coach Michael, who previously retained the support of Irish Football Association despite a series of defeats.

Korea Republic

Ji Soyun wants to make footballing history with her team in Canada.

Francesco Acerbi

The Italian returned to the pitch after emerging victorious from his battle with cancer.

Do you fall in love with football? If the answer is “yes”, please enjoy happy time in FIFA with us.

TOTW 31 of FIFA 15 Has Been Released

The latest-edition FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has been released this week, and as you know, the news that Manchester United’s Ashley Young receives a super in-form card has attracted people’s attention.


The winger scored one and assisted two others during United’s convincing 4-2 win in the Manchester derby as he continues to play at the very top of his game. Some fans though over the summer that he might be on his way but under Louis van Gaal he has transformed himself and is now one of the club’s key players. He is joined on the flanks by Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolasie, who scored a hat-trick during his team’s 4-1 demolition of Sunderland.

Before this weekend Bolasie has scored just one goal but he was the standout performer across the weekend’s Premier League action and continued Palace’s astonishing good form under Alan Pardew. Christian Beneteke followed up his hat-trick against QPR with the winning goal against Tottenham Hotspur and joins Bolasie and Young with a SIF card. Like Palace Villa have been suffering a bit of revival following a managerial change and many believe that Tim Sherwood will be the man to keep them in the Premier League.

Robert Lewandowski has finally been rewarded for his form recently with an in-form card and German Denis, scorer of quite possibly goal of the season, joins him and Benteke up top. Sami Handanovic is the man chosen to be between the sticks thanks his impressive performances as Inter won 3-0 at Verona.

You could see and download the full team from 6pm UK time on 15 Apr. So, what are you waiting for? Please share with us about your views by leaving comments below after you watch the match.

The Performance of German U21 In FIFA 15 Tournament

It is widely accepted that the German 21 side are one of the best in the world, but how are their FIFA skills? You will get the answer from FIFA 15 tournament.

The entire German U21 squad took part in the tournament and, for obvious reasons, not every game was shown in the video released by EA Sports. Liverpool fans will be disappointed to see that Emre Can was not good enough to make the semi-finals, while the same can be said about Arsenal youngster Serge Gnabry.

The first semi-final saw Armin Younes and Moriz Leitner face off against Loris Karius and Felix Klaus, with the former duo edging a narrow 2-1 win. Both teams chose Real Madrid but in the second match Jean Zimmer and Timo Horn chose Chelsea, while Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Julian Korb chose Bayern Munich. Chelsea were convincing 7-2 winners to set-up a final that would prove to be suitably epic.

Things started badly for Horn and Zimmer when they lost Thibaut Courtois to a red card and went 1-0 down. However, they fought back to make the game 3-3 as things started to heat up.

At this stage, former international Horst Hrubesch, who is now the U21 manager, told Younes that he had to leave because things were getting too tense. He had earlier told the cameras that he believes it is obvious how good the players are at the game and that they enjoy playing it. Ultimately, Leitner and Younes won out, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a late winner and they were crowned the FIFA 15 tournament winners for the German U21 squad.

Well, are you satisfied to performance of German U21 in FIFA 15 Tournament? Share your views with us by leaving comments below.