Buy ArcheAge Gold Tips For Players

buy archeage gold

The day has finally come, ArcheAge launched. ArcheAge Gold is the money of one very popular MMORPG ArcheAge. The ArcheAge Gold will be a very important part of gamers need to notice! How to gain ArcheAge gold becomes very important! There are some tips for ArcheAge Players.

1. Crafting skills depends on ArcheAge labor
There are many ways to gain gold in ArcheAge by crafting skills like Cultivation, Planting, Fishing, and so on. It’s the easy way to farm ArcheAge gold, but it takes a lot of time.

2. Combat
Like all MMORPG, you can get some gold by defeating the NPC monsters. It’s very a small amount gold, which also means gamers need more time to get rich by combat.

3. Trading
Players can trade their ArcheAge items to other gamers for ArcheAge exchanging. It’s depends on the value of the items for trading.

4. Exchange with real money
It’s the fast way to gain ArcheAge Gold, which also is the way the gamers’ choice in ArcheAge Testing. Buy ArcheAge Gold will cost a little money, but get the gold in 30 minutes, some even less. Most important part is buying ArcheAge Gold online can save a lot of Gamers time. It will be choose by a lot of gamers. is a good choice about cheap ArcheAge Gold for gamers.

10 ArcheAge Tips: Save Much Time to Farm ArcheAge Gold

OK, we know there are many shortcut functions hidden in ArcheAge online game, maybe you still do not know, especially for beginners. Now, there are 10 tips you can fast to know and save you much time to farm ArcheAge Gold.

AA 10 Tips

1. Hold down the left button of your mouse, you can adjust the viewing angle to in front of your character, especially you want to take pictures.

2. Press Ctrl +V, can switch the description of health bar on the top of role, mobs or NPC. Different mode with different sizes of health bar, maybe will lead to the Guild Name is hidden, so remember switch back at any time.

3. The raw materials of grated grain, concentrated fruit juice, fumigation herbs, etc can gathering grain, fruit, fungi, etc. Then with the blade you can buy it in Crafting Merchant for production directly.

4. When you equipped the Ally’s Wings, and then you received the trading quests, the goods will replace your Ally’s Wings. So do not forget re-equipped the wings after finish the trading quest. Another, you can check of double-click the spacebar to open the wings in the game set.

5. Can not move in the map, do not worry, using the escape skills you can find it in the game set.

6. Ctrl + F to open the PK model, attack the neutral player or NPC. Remember do not attack the ally or enemy players in the neutral zone, or you will be attacked by the guards.

7. If you want to planting, please remember different growth time with different climatic, some plants will lead to growth time becomes longer or shorter, and the times of harvest becomes more or less.

8. Reduce 1/3 maturation time if you watering the plants or feeding domestic animals, but it is useless if the maturation time is less than 20 minutes.

9. Action expressions of your character are hidden in the skill bar.

10. If you want to ride with your friends or lover, please walk beside his/her mount and press “H”.

ArcheAge gold fast by gathering ore Guides

AA 44

In ArcheAge, I share some efficient ways to earn ArcheAge gold via gathering. Some players like to stick on PvP or do quests instead of getting involvement with crafting or gathering all day alone. Players can get quick access to their gathering while getting out of the risk of monsters that they can’t deal with.

Gathering ore is one of the fastest ways to ArcheAge gold if you have rich labor point to burst. Currently, there are two places for newbies to gather ore: Arcum Iris – Granite Quarry and Solis Headlands. Arcum Iris is in the right next to starting area where players can find much iron ore. It is one of the easiest spots for newbies to farm. Solis Headlands – Plateau is near your crafting and housing area, there are also a lot of ore veins to be found.

If you are in the east continent, I highly recommend you guys to farm in Granite Quarry, because it is quite near your starting area while getting rid of big monsters that you can’t deal with. If you are in west continent Nuia, Trosk Mountains would be a nice place where is full of iron ore veins that allow three or four players farming at the same time.

With being said above, gathering ore is one of the fastest ways to burn through labor points, as there are many spots where literally every 10 steps players can find a vein and they can burn those points away in about 15-30 minutes for 1000 points. Keep in mind that most ingots need 3 ore’s to make 1 ingot so the ratio is often 3:1. Additionally, players are able to grab rare material and gem that can be made for jewelry.

ArcheAge breeding guides to get quick ArcheAge gold

In ArcheAge, breeding animals is a relative easy life skill, It can bring players with decent, long term and stable income. However, it is not so easy to begin with. Farmer’s workbench and undersea garden are necessary if you want to breed animals. Farmer’s workbench is necessary equipment for making nutrient and livestock feed, while undersea gardens are breeding ground for green coral and red coral. Players can earn ArcheAge gold by trading their products.

Archeage Breeding

Mission Products
In mission system, players are able to gather their products from doing normal missions. Breeding goose is one of the choices for players. After players breed gooses with beans, gooses enter harvest phrase when players can harvest their feather for trading (50 feathers in one group). Additionally, players can gain goose meat as well. Either way, players can milk the cows. After players breed cows with fodder, cows will enter harvest phrase, allowing players to milk cows. To breed their cows, players need farmer’s workbench which is the only way to make fodder, while, for newbies who haven’t join Expeditionary Force, farmer’s workbench is unavailable in the early stage. If newbies need milk, the only way is purchase.

Common Breeding
Except doing mission, common breeding is another way for players to earn decent income, for example, in the Second CN CBT, sheep is able to bring enormous profits, because sheep wool can be made for cloth, rawhide can be made for leather and sheep wool can be traded for money. In KR Servers, breeding The Yata Farm can gain the same profits as breeding sheep in CN servers.

Undersea Garden
Undersea products can be made for dyes, potion and jewelry. Since undersea garden is quite rare and the room is not quite big, the products are usually expensive, which means players are able to gain huge potential profit. Red coral and greed coral can be made for dyes and farmer’s workbench, which is a significant number of demands in early game. Additionally, players may randomly grab rare black pearl when farming undersea.