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Achievement List From FIFA 16 Xbox One

FIFA 16 Xbox One version will be available on September 22, the new achievement list would likely be different. The new achievements that are exclusive to Xbox One, once again from Trueachievements will be a focus on Career Mode.

Here’s the full list for Xbox One:

Xbox One Achievement List

Try-outs – 15
Use all 7 substitutions in a Pre-Season game in Career Mode
Head start – 15
Win a Pre-Season tournament in Career Mode
All bases covered – 15
Complete all basic Skill Games
Teacher’s pet – 15
Get an A grade for all the drills in a Skill Games category
Lead by example – 15
Improve 1 attribute in Player Career Mode
I’ll do it myself – 15
Play 5 training drills in Manager Career Mode
Proving grounds – 15
Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs
More to come – 15
Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match
Just a little off the sides – 15
Change your Online Pro haircut
Grab the popcorn – 15
Watch an EA SPORTS News video
Going Pro – 15
Join a club with your Online Pro and play your first match in Pro Clubs
We are the champions – 30
Win a Division Title in Online Head to Head Seasons (must be obtained through game-play)
Can’t Touch This – 15
Beat an opposing player using no touch dribbling
Threading the needle – 15
Assist a goal using a driven ground pass
Take Aim – 30
Have 100% shot accuracy in a match (10 shots minimum)
I am the boss – 15
Substitute your star player in a match (highest rated player in the team)
I brought the ball – 15
Have more than 65% possession in a match
Fair Play – 15
Finish a match without conceding a foul against you (offsides do not count)
Around the wall – 15
Score a goal with a curled shot from a free kick
Set-piece specialist – 15
Score 2 goals from a corner in a match
It’s a lottery – 15
Win a penalty shoot-out
Go for it! – 15
During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)
Half-Time pep-talk – 15
Win a match against the Legendary CPU after being down at half-time
The Invincibles – 80
Win all 4 matches in an Online Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team
Testing the Waters – 15
Win all 4 matches in a Single Player Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team
Legacy in the making – 30
First appearance of a player bought from the Transfer Market in Ultimate Team
FUT 50 – 105
Have a player score their 50th goal at the club in FIFA Ultimate Team
No hard feelings, right? – 15
Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team
Trial offer – 15
Sign a Loan Player from the EASFC Catalogue
A loyal ally is hard to find – 15
Buy a player from the FUT Transfer Market and earn his loyalty by playing 10 or more games with him
Molded to perfection – 15
Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT
Trial of Power – 15
Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FUT
Class of ’16 – 15
Win a division title in FUT Seasons
Mutiny! – 15
Change your captain in FUT
Adding some context – 15
Play a full match with the “FIFA Trainer” overlays turned on
Dream-team in progress – 30
Sign a world class player in manager Career mode (80+ rated)
Going up? – 15
Earn a Promotion in Seasons
Friendship test – 15
Finish an Online Friendlies Season
Social craving – 15
Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity
Giving back – 15
Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item
All for myself – 15
Purchase an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item
We’re in the game! – 15
Play a women’s football match
New Silverware – 25
Win the Women’s International Cup tournament
5 Star performance – 15
Score 5 goals in a women’s football match
I got this! – 15
Perform a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball in a women’s football match
Got flair? – 15
Score a goal with Flair Shot in a women’s football match
Just for inspiration – 15
Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in FIFA Ultimate Team
Play Beautiful – 60
Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch

We’ve also been back and looked through some of the more annoying FIFA achievements from history, check it out.

The Preview About FIFA 16 Career Mode

After a year just gone of little change, we entered our FIFA 16 Career Mode play test with some trepidation. But pleasingly its clear that the team are back working features solely for FIFA 16’s premier offline mode and here’s how it’s all shaping up.

Career Mode Preview

Pre-season Tournaments
The first new addition to Career Mode is one we’ve championed as a site for some time – Pre-season Tournaments. Gone are the mundane series of pointless friendly games, and in their place a myriad of exciting tournaments spread across the globe. There are nine different Pre-season Tournaments in total, but you’ll be invited to choose from a selection of three at the start of each season.

Player Training
Another community most wanted feature for Career Mode has always been Player Training, which finally makes its debut in FIFA 16. It’s based around Skill Games (don’t panic, it’s going to be fine) but the whole process can be automated (told you) as well if you wish to do so.

Global Transfer Network
The Global Transfer Network, seems on the surface at least identical to FIFA 15, but under the hood there are some neat changes. As you all know, EA decided to mask the player overall rating (OVR) in many of Career Mode’s menus (which I like for the most part) but that tended to hinder rather than help you when it came to scouting players you knew little about.

Club Transfer Budgets
One of the biggest gripes with managing clubs in the lower leagues in Career Mode is that if you eventually make the Promised Land and gain promotion to the Premier League, you still only have a League One budget to work with. Due to the commercial revenue that comes with promotion these days that’s just not right, so to try and tackle that, EA have made a few changes.

Story of the Season 
EA have utilised their Player Stories engine in various guises over the last few Career Mode iterations,with fairly mixed success. Some of the stories are really interesting and engaging, and others not so. But combined with the some of the new audio technology EA are stepping up their game on that front yet again with their newly dubbed – Story of the Season.

Best of the rest
As well as the headline grabbing stuff we also managed to obtain an additional list of foundational changes which EA won’t be publicising as part of their main press release. I won’t cover these in detail, but I know you’ll find them interesting all the same.

This year’s Career Mode offering is perhaps another one or two headline grabbing features away from being truly AAA. That’s not to diminish the impact of the new features I’ve discussed, but had they been backed up by just a few more stellar inclusions like revamped press conferences, the ability to move/upgrade stadiums, or increased transfer depth (buy-out clauses, etc) then it could have been a year to really remember. It seems that after a turbulent 12 months, Career Mode is back on track.

The Innovations And Improvements Of FIFA 16 Career Mode

In FIFA 16, we are introducing this key development period to Career Mode. Prior to a given season, your club will be invited to three out of a possible nine tournaments, played in Asia, Europe, North America, or Latin America.

FIFA 16 Career Mode

Career Mode in FIFA 16 delivers two of our community’s most requested feature updates and many other key changes. During the summer months, all the major clubs travel around the world in preparation for the upcoming season.

Just as with real football clubs, these matches will be a great opportunity to work on your team tactics and line-ups before the start of the regular season – use all your subs to test squad players. The prize purse from these tournaments gets allocated to your transfer budget for the upcoming season.

A footballer trains between matches to improve as a player. In FIFA 16, managers will be able to train their squad to increase player attributes and boost player development. Each week, select up to five squad players to train from a number of training drills, each focused on developing specific attributes.

The aim here is to allow for greater growth in youth squad players and to create more value to the club. Focus on your star players to keep a strong starting XI, develop youth players to increase transfer values and build your funds, or transform your club into the next Ajax or Barcelona, a breeding ground for the future stars of world football.

FIFA 16 will fully immerse you in the story of your club’s season. Our commentators will remark on key storylines, including notable player or team performances, big player debuts, and transfer rumours. In-game graphics and commentary will also pick up on interesting team stats for matches, and reference the wider context of league standings.

We have many improvements coming to Career Mode, all based on feedback from our community. These include:

  • Sign free agents outside of the transfer window.
  • Scout Reports – After scouting a player reports are available to you now for an entire calendar year before expiring vs three months in FIFA 15.
  • Transfer Budget -Transfer budgets are now more realistically tailored to the club you’re using in Career Mode. Also, a percentage of the remaining budget from the previous season will carry over to the next. and will vary based on where your club finished in regards to season goals.
  • Loans – Short loans have increased from three to six months and there is now an option to issue two-year loans.
  • Friendly Subs – You will be able to issue an unlimited number of substitutions during friendly matches.
  • More Realistic Transfers – While the transfer window is open, we have tuned the number of ‘high-profile’ moves by big players to better match the number of changes that typically happen in the real-world.
  • Improved Player Transfer Values – We’ve addressed values of players to better match the real-world transfer market.

CenturyLink Field Will Be Featured In FIFA 16

As you know, CenturyLink Field would be included in FIFA 16. Today, we can know exactly what it will look like as well as the other eight new stadiums that will be included in the popular EA Sports video game.



FIFA 16 stadiums


CenturyLink Field is just the second MLS stadium to be featured in the game, joining the Vancouver Whitecaps’ BC Place. The most notable difference between the final rendering and the earlier rendering of CenturyLink Field is that there is no midfield tunnel from which players enter the pitch. There was not, however, any word on whether there would be flamethrowers.

Joining CenturyLink Field in this year’s game will be BORUSSIA-PARK (Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bundesliga), Carrow Road (Norwich City, Barclays Premier League), El Monumental (Club Atlético River Plate, Argentine Primera División), Fratton Park (Portsmouth FC, England League Two), King Abdullah Sports City (Al-Ittihad & Al-Ahli, Saudi Abdul Latif Jameel League), Stade Vélodrome (Olympique de Marseille, Ligue 1), Vicarage Road (Watford, Barclays Premier League), Vitality Stadium (Bournemouth, Barclays Premier League).

View more informations: follow

FIFA 16’s Brand New Features You Need To Know

FIFA 16 is fast approaching, the football season is drawing near, and the FIFA 16 release date is in sight. There are 10 brand new features you need to know in FIFA 16.

Brand New Features

While summer continues to disappoint, particularly if it’s a British one you’re enduring. EA Sports’ newest instalment surely won’t, and players around the world are desperately squeezing the last dregs from FIFA 15 before they have to start all over again in September.

Ultimate Teams will be reconstructed from scratch, careers will be taken back to the beginning, and now women’s teams will be raised up. But while the majority of fans will have already read about the new modes, including the leap away from men’s football, the important changes all come woven into the gameplay itself.

Exciting modes, new features, and gimmicks will keep fans returning form more, but the gameplay is what will hold them there. So get ready to take a deeper look at the intricate details EA have crafted into the game, rather than merely writing the changes off as ‘a few tweaks’. These new additions will change the way you play FIFA.

The FIFA 15 Team Season Nominations Be Revealed Until April 22

With the end of the FIFA 15 season currently, the most popular football game, fast approaching, more and more fans put their eyes on the Ultimate Team of new Season. Don’t worry, it will be revealed on the official forums until April 22.

FIFA 15 Team

The rules that all interested gamers need to follow are:

– 23 players for each team, with 11 starting players, substitutions and reserves;

– choices need to be consistent with persistence but should not have been in-form in Ultimate Team before;

– 6 English league players, 2 French, 2 German, 2 Italian and 2 Spanish

The organizers are also saying that ratings should not be linked to any of the players that are part of the Team of the Season and that EA Sports will take care of them.

The announcement adds, “The teams are decided by you, the community, by way of discussion. This is NOT a vote. Each thread has a community member leading it, ultimately responsible for deciding the team.”

Discussion threads for Gold, Silver and Bronze Team of the Season packages for Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 are offered.

Once the community selects its players of the season, the development team will take their choices into account and will deliver its own set of players once the big European championships are over.

Ultimate Team has become the most important multiplayer side of FIFA 15 in the past few years and the developers are EA Sports are constantly looking for new ways to draw gamers in and keep them focused on getting new packs.

The company has also improved the underlying mechanics by announcing mechanics like the Price Range, which makes sure that for each player a minimum and the maximum value is used in the transfer market.

The concept is designed to make sure that as many players as possible get a chance to use superstars like Messi, Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic in their line-ups.

Overall security measures for the Ultimate Team accounts has also been improved on all platforms.

EA Sports is starting to develop FIFA 16, and it is said that fans will see the new generation that the team is adding to the series in the fall, although there is no information has been offered.