The Best MyPlayer Builds In NBA 2K23

There are many characters for us to choose from in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode, however, too many choices make it easy for us to make mistakes. If you want to build a better MyPlayer, then you need to seek some help, including a lot of MT 2K23 and some guides. You can find some of the best MyPlayer builds in NBA 2K23 in the following guides.

Best PG Build – Playmaking Shot Creator

This point guard build will make your player effective both inside and outside the three-point line. It offers a total of 69 badge points, which are just enough to unlock famous badges, including the Hall of Fame Giant Killer, Gold Poster, and Gold Infinite Takeoff.

Height and length help with the defense on switches and also unlock certain animations. You can lower the height to gain some speed if you wish, but it will come at the cost of inline finishing. For now, we sacrifice a little acceleration, carry speed, and a lot of rebounding stats. Here are the specifics.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 60
Driving Layup: 80
Driving Dunk: 93
Standing Dunk: 49
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 80
Three-Point Shot: 92
Free Throw: 71
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 86
Ball Handle: 89
Speed With Ball: 80
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 48
Perimeter Defense: 76
Steal: 78
Block: 25
Offensive Rebound: 25
Defensive Rebound: 31
PhysicalsSpeed: 85
Acceleration: 80
Strength: 30
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 85

Best SG Build – Inside-Out Shot Creator

This point guard build allows players to dominate both from the three-point line and when they get momentum to the basket. It is similar to the PG build above, but with more speed and inside-out finishing stats when you find yourself under the basket.

This version won’t grab any rebounds, but almost all of the shooting badges are Hall of Fame status, with several key options in terms of finishing, such as Giant Killer, Pro Touch, and Infinite Takeoff.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’7”
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 56
Driving Layup: 76
Driving Dunk: 86
Standing Dunk: 87
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 78
Three-Point Shot: 92
Free Throw: 68
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 80
Ball Handle: 90
Speed With Ball: 84
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 25
Perimeter Defense: 70
Steal: 71
Block: 25
Offensive Rebound: 25
Defensive Rebound: 26
PhysicalsSpeed: 87
Acceleration: 81
Strength: 25
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 85

Best SF Build – 3 & D Wing

This lineup of small forwards moves away from the inside-out prototype and focuses more on defense than any other stat category.

Key Badges

  • Menace
  • Challenger
  • Catch & Shoot

Not being quick enough with the ball is a weakness here, so don’t try to take it in hand. Focus on running without the ball to get consistent spot-up shots, while using lockdown defense to stop opposing teams’ edge scorers.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’1”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 53
Driving Layup: 73
Driving Dunk: 86
Standing Dunk: 50
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 71
Three-Point Shot: 83
Free Throw: 61
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 70
Ball Handle: 36
Speed With Ball: 33
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 91
Perimeter Defense: 90
Steal: 90
Block: 86
Offensive Rebound: 93
Defensive Rebound: 94
PhysicalsSpeed: 83
Acceleration: 77
Strength: 85
Vertical: 90
Stamina: 91

Best PF Build – Paint Beast

The Paint Beast power forward build will make your character an expert when it comes to defense, rebounding, and inside scoring. The goal is to stop the opponent in key moments on defense and then control the lane on the offensive end.

Key Badges

  • Rise Up
  • Rebound Chaser
  • Pogo Stick
  • Anchor

The main weakness of this version is shooting, so don’t attempt mid-range shots. As the name implies, you will live in the paint at both ends of the floor.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’11”
  • Weight: 248lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’7”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 74
Driving Layup: 85
Driving Dunk: 93
Standing Dunk: 90
Post Control: 40
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 35
Three-Point Shot: 25
Free Throw: 41
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 70
Ball Handle: 70
Speed With Ball: 59
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 90
Perimeter Defense: 72
Steal: 75
Block: 99
Offensive Rebound: 85
Defensive Rebound: 99
PhysicalsSpeed: 73
Acceleration: 65
Strength: 80
Vertical: 80
Stamina: 86

Best C Build – 2-Way Inside-The-Arc Scorer

This center configuration allows your player to score from anywhere inside the 3-point line, and in some cases has the option to step out of the 3-point line. The main strengths here are mid/close range shooting, rebounding, and rim protection.


  • Rise Up
  • Aerial Wizard
  • Green Machine
  • Post Lockdown

The weaknesses of this build are the same ball handling and speed. Try to focus on spot-up jumpers or dropbacks on the offensive end and protection on the defensive end.

Body Settings

  • Height: 7’0”
  • Weight: 251lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 73
Driving Layup: 71
Driving Dunk: 85
Standing Dunk: 93
Post Control: 39
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 80
Three-Point Shot: 79
Free Throw: 55
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 71
Ball Handle: 53
Speed With Ball: 26
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 88
Perimeter Defense: 85
Steal: 70
Block: 88
Offensive Rebound: 85
Defensive Rebound: 90
PhysicalsSpeed: 70
Acceleration: 61
Strength: 85
Vertical: 83
Stamina: 87

Dark Make a difference cards along with incentives for two-star members unleashed in 2K22

2K Video games has discharged all new content for NBA 2K22, incorporating an considerable collection of Galaxy Opal, Pink Gem, and even Stone machines on call via tests. With NBA 2K22 Year 7 only pending, game players still have a couple of days to elect on that they need to count as a little dark thing reward.

Supporters of NBA 2K22's MyTeam setting can presently initiate including fresh machines to their organizations as part of the NBA's 75th-anniversary party. 2K22 declared much fresh in-game content, incorporating several fresh machines on call via tests. At The Moment, John Stockton and even Jamal Murray lead the group of people. The additional two on call solutions are way too much behind to embrangle. Let us's take a look at recent votes and even probable dark thing cards.

A sum of 7 Galaxy Opals, 2 Pink Diamonds, 3 Diamonds, and even 1 Sapphire reset in the activity, with some of the most ideal names. Whether it's allowing on shield or including amongst the most ideal power forwards to NBA 2K22, the prolonged checklist of amateurs has something for anyone.

Dark thing choice
Dark Matter most voting for NBA 2K22, which initiated with Year 6, is a reward for Restricted Form in MyTEAM. As we pointed out above, two game players at this time lead the votes, with John Stockon somewhat before Jamal Murray.

Listed below is the recent breakdown of the dark thing choice:
John Stockton – 42.3%.

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Jamal Murray – 34.3%.
Markle Fultz – 13.3%.
Don Orr – 10%.

These kinds are broken down inside 3 independent sections: Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat The 100 Offline, and even Clutch Time. With Triple Threat Online, the new Galaxy Opal LeBron James, Elgin Baylor, and even Clyde Drexler register with Stone Russell Westbrook and also Amethyst George Gervin. Game players can delve into the Triple Danger online video game and also initiate building up victories for each player. Triple Danger: The 100 Offline features two even more Galaxy Opal systems in Stephen Curry and also Hakeem Olajuwon, a Gem Hal Greer, and also amongst Kobe Bryant's finest pink gems in NBA 2K22. Ultimately, the Clutch Time series includes Galaxy Opals Dolph Schayes and also Rick Barry, Pink Diamond David Robinson, and even Gem Michael Jordan.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Opal company, formed of recent game players like Curry and even James, has an total record of 97. In contrast, tales like Olajuwon, Drexler, and also Scheyer all have an total record of 98. As part of the ongoing 75th-anniversary celebration, game players can also participate in the new NBA 2K22 limited-time event. In the MyTeam activity mode, for each win, gamers will receive an NBA Decades Collection Load containing a minimum of one historical jacket or floor and also a possibility to earn a 75th Wedding anniversary player. Additionally, game players who execute the Glitched Jason Williams Agenda Bunch will receive 6,500 XP and also a Hall of Popularity badge pack.

2K22 Playoff Schedule Prizes
One region where game players can continue to earn benefits in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM is performing the Playoff Moments Agenda. Eight fresh cards have certainly been included in the prizes, which are Galactic Opal and also greater. Our preferred panel is Dark Matter most Jordan Poole.

Similar to any notable content produce, NBA 2K22 has a fresh cabinet code for gamers to retrieve and also accumulate various objects. By utilizing the code GLITCHED-CARDS-IN-MyTEAM-SC55K, game players can decide on amongst Glitched Jason Williams, Glitched Collection Load, 25 NBA 2K23 MTs, Gem Deal, and even Diamond Sneaker Load, or Hall of Popularity badges.