More FFXIV Forthcoming Expansion Content Update And More

For Final Fantasy XIV forthcoming expansion, stormblood, and it will be released June 20th, 2017,it probably have a series of questions need to answered, expansion content about the Job System changes, skill changes, and more in the expansion.


This following is Final Fantasy XIV expansion details and more content click here

Concerning raid compositions, he feels that after the AST buffs, any combination of healers is currently viable, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing changes in 4.0. For tanks, they plan to do something about WAR OT.

Apparently it’s very difficult to increase the number of available chat tabs, but they are working on a large-scale improvement of the chat system with many more features, such as cross-server chat.

Enochian will become a permanent buff, meaning you will always be able to use Fire IV unless they change more aspects of the job. However there will be ways for high-skilled BLMs to further increase their DPS by using certain skills in certain ways. No further details are revealed. My guess is it will have something to do with Blizzard IV?

In 4.0, the Adventurer in Need bonus for Roulettes will be increased to encourage players to play tanks/healers. In 4.1 (tentative) we will be able to create cross-world 24 man parties. Final Fantasy has gone through a series of changes and adjustments, improvements, and more and more gamers are keen playing it and seeking cheapest FFXIV Gil.

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It is said that The Warrior of Light had made an important transformation, and he had shed his battle-scarred warrior armor for a fancy new suit of dragoon armor. Then the Final Fantasy XIV team wants to know what kind of transformation the players have undergone or did they switch their main arm of choice for another to aid Ishgard. Or if the players would rather to have a changed a completely new look.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward want to see how players have changed by putting their artistic skills to the test for their Heavensward Transition Art Contest. The exciting news is that all approved artworks’ owner can choose one or four in-game items and the developer team will select five of the best artworks that best show the character’s transition. The five best artwork winners can gain the prize of a FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN THE ART OF EORZEA -ANOTHER DAWN- art book signed by Director & Producer Naoki Yoshida and Art Director Kazuya Takahashi. The award items of this contest include Bluebird Earring in-game item, Mandragora Choker in-game item, Ahriman Choker in-game item, and Scarf of Wondrous Wit in-game item.

The FFXIV team is really looking forward to seeing the changes that the gamers have experienced, and now just take part in FFXIV to show your transformation. Do not forget to buy cheap FFXIV Gil on

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The Tasks In Final Fantasy XIV

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The main scenario quests indicate that the vital quests used to narrate the story of Eorzea. Her individuals are known as the main scenario quests. These tasks are simply distinguishable between the others by their distinct icon. There are great alterations in the periods, the lone individuals have the potential to persuade the course of history. If there is the given option, how is to select to act?

When there are some tasks that are not realm-shaking significance by finishing one of these duties, the gamer can make a profound diversification in the life of an Eorzea. There is the introduction of class or job quests. The gamer would face the confrontations that need the gamer to employ the distinct talents of the gamer. It is to finish these trials to sharpen the skills of the gamer and procure the new abilities in your selected profession.

The dwellers of Eorzea introduced the missions known as the quests. The players can finish the quests to gain the development of the saga, experience, Gil, items along with the other unlocks. To the side from the daily quests, each quest can only be finished on one occasion per character. The major scenario quests comprise the quests that are from the major storyline of A Realm Reborn. These quests not only have the cut-scenes and voice acting. However, it is to unlock the vital aspects of the game.

The players release the airship at the level of fifteen, personal Chocobo along with the Grand Company at the level of twenty. There is the ability of jobs at the level of thirty via the development of the major questline.The major scenario quests have the flaming-shaped signs that display over the map in the journal and at the top of the head of quest NPC. The major scenario quests each commences with their own branching for each beginning of the city. However, finally it converges into the quest line after choosing a Grand Company.

The beginning quests for each city are arriving in Grindania, arriving at Limsa Lominsa, and arriving to Ul dah. Visiting online gaming house, FFXIV4Gil helps you find FFXIV Gil to level up the characters in the faster succession in comparable to the other gamers. There are two kinds of major scenario quests. One of them is 7th Umrbal Era Quest. It is between the level one and fifty as the story quests launched in patch 2.0. These quests are concluded in The Ultimate Weapon.

A Personal Experience About Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Have you played A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV yet? Maybe you are unfamiliar with it, or maybe you ever ignored it. Following is the a personal experience about playing Final Fantasy XIV from a fans.


To date, I’ve played and completed every numbered entry in Square’s long running series and dabbled in the some of the spin-off titles. The character driven stories and large immersive worlds have always been the parts of each of game that I have admired the most. Yet my old-time gamer stubbornness has always prevented me from exploring every aspect of Square’s flagship series. It wasn’t until I sat down and played A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV that I became a true hardcore fan of the Final Fantasy series.

I openly ignored Final Fantasy XI and didn’t recognize the game as an entry into the series because of this. Not until my later years did I come to understand how much of an ignorant perspective I had on the whole Final Fantasy series. The first time I booted up A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV consisted of me having super low expectations and an apathetic attitude, mainly due to the game’s 30 day trial that was included out of the box. I thought that a game you can only really play for 30 days and have to pay more afterwards was nothing to be enthusiastic about.

What followed after was pure amazement and intrigue as I played through the game’s opening sequences and beginning areas. The traditional Final Fantasy nuances I held against the MMO titles for so long were never absent, but were presented in a grander fashion that I never knew about. The storytelling I loved about the series wasn’t missing from the experience like I initially thought, but told in a way that implemented the massive amount of players together with the NPC characters I connected with along the way.

The stereotypical MMO micro-transactions I feared that would dampen my experience were actually not how I feared they would be. I wasn’t made to pay constantly for playing Final Fantasy, only a monthly subscription towards the server maintenance to keep the large world I stepped into running at top quality. The little things like job classes, monster and quests were not built behind never-ending grinding and pay-walls like I feared they would be. This was a Final Fantasy game in its purest form that I just never bothered to take a glimpse at.

After spending time exploring A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV, I can’t help but accept how wrong my views were about the series. The MMO Final Fantasy game never changed the essence of what Final Fantasy was, but instead magnified the best aspects of the series to a larger scale. I feel a sense of regret having skipped over Final Fantasy XI when it first launched. Part of me wishes I could go back in time and recapture everything I missed out on during that transitional period of the series. But time magic doesn’t exist in the real world and maybe that’s for the better.

Getting out of your stubborn gamer mentality and finally diving into A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XIV will make you to be a true fan of the series. Do you have any interesting stories? Welcome to share with us by leaving a comments below.

Enjoy The Freedom In Final Fantasy XIV

One of the best aspects of Square Enix’s MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is the freedom without FFXIV Gil to play whatever role you wish coupled with the ability to swap out jobs without the hassle of rerolling a new character.

Final Fantasy XIV

This great mechanic keeps things fresh for the player while also creating a dynamic job ecosystem with plenty of variety. That being said though you know that the second the Heavensward expansion dropped, everyone and their chocobo was queuing up as one of the three new jobs. Adding to the job selection are the two hand sword wielding Dark Knight, the gun toting Machinist and the top decking Astrologian each fitting into one of the roles: tank, dps and healer respectively.

Lore wise the Astrologian is a seeker of knowledge who by reading the stars can foretell their destiny and shape their fate, in-game however the Astrologian is primarily a healer who can double as a magic based dps and has exclusive access to a card draw mechanic. As a healer they heavily borrow abilities from the White Mage while also sharing some similarities with Scholar so as to keep a somewhat balanced playing field between the healer trifecta.

However I must say as a White Mage main the Astrologian felt drastically underwhelming at first glance, now starting out at level 30 you have access to the typical healer set up with a bunch of White Mage spells like Benefic, Helios and Exalted Detriment and Scholar offensive spells such as Malefic and Combust.

A problem that Astrologian suffers from is their early lower healing effectiveness and arguably the higher mp cost for these spells. Before hitting the previous level cap of 50 the Astrologian gets almost completely out performed by the other two healing jobs both in terms of reliability, healing potency and utility. Early on I just constantly felt like I needed to put in far more effort as a Astrologian to output the same effectiveness I did as a White Mage even when considering that the White Mage is the pure healer archetype.

Square Enix Apologizes And Offers Refunds To FFXIV Mac’s Buyers

Square Enix has temporarily stopped selling the Final Fantasy XIV Mac client since the poor communication of system requirements and widespread disappointment with performance. Square Enix states that they will offers refunds to players.


Having spent the better part of two years using alternative methods such as Boot Camp to run Final Fantasy XIV on their systems, Mac had been clamoring for a Mac-native client for ages. The long-awaited software was launched late last month to coincide with the release of Heavensward, the MMORPG’s first major expansion pack. Problems arose immediately.

For one, the Mac client is essentially the Windows client in a wrapper that tells the Mac how to handle the Windows functions. With that additional layer involved there was no way the Mac client could compete with simply using Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac and using the regular old game client.

Retailers began selling and shipping the Mac version of the client prior to its official launch on June 23, during which time performance was still being optimized. Far more problematic was the fact that the official system requirements for the Mac client were not published until after launch. Users who had preordered the software had no idea whether or not their systems could run it properly, having based their purchase off incorrect speculative system requirements released prior.

In a lengthy letter to fans posted late last week, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida takes direct responsibility for allowing the Mac client to be released in such a state. While the development and operations teams, as well as our entire company, were involved in this mistake, it was I who ultimately made the decision to release the Mac version under these circumstances and therefore bear sole responsibility, and I sincerely apologize to you all.

Square Enix repeatedly apologized and indicated that they decided to offer full refunds to purchaser. Many players who purchased a product which Mac hardware could not run at even the minimum system requirements have expressed their dissatisfaction. “If they provided accurate information beforehand, I would not have purchased the Mac version”, they said.

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How much ffxiv gil needed to create Relic Weapon


How much FFXIV Gil can I expect to spend purchasing the materials needed to create my relic weapon? It depends on how much you value your time versus your gil. I play on Cactuar, so you’ll have to do your own market checking.Your going to need a:


Bloody Axe Head :(I believe that’s the item name for Warriors, it drops from chests in Wanderer’s Palace). These items were originally very pricey, then devalued as the first big wave of level 50’s started farming Wanderer’s, and now in some cases are rising again to the 10-20k price range since most have moved on to Amdapor.

2x Battledance III Materia:These are 30-50k right now but could vary on your server. If you have old tank quest gear from 45-50, try converting it and seeing if you can get some. You can try and farm this yourself while running Castrum (if you’d like to double dip efficiency and also make tokens) by wearing some 45+ DoW gear (preferably parry/tank gear for a better drop rate) or find a spot with densely packed mid-level mobs and go to town. You get spiritbond for kills not experience, so weaker mobs you can kill fast work well too.

I believe there is one or two additional mats for the crafting of the base item with the axe head, but those are pennies in comparison to the big ticket items (the axe head & materia). If you’re patient though you can usually find someone to also craft/meld for tips which can save some additional money.

FFXIV guide:Helpful tips to farm a FFXIV Botanist

As we all know, there are different types of classes in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Players can play war classes to fight in battle. Meanwhile, they are able to farm crafting classes in the game world. Botanist is one of crafting classes in FFXIV: ARR.

As a class of the disciple of the land, FFXIV ARR Botanist gathers materials from nature. They are busy in harvesting grains, tending fruit-bearing, vegetable, logging timber, cultivating fibrous plants, and more. So they are known to revere Nophica, the goddess of abundance.

Some of other crafting classes get materials from Botanist, such as Carpentry, Weaving, Culinarian and Alchemy. It can be said that those crafting classes depend more heavily on botany in A Realm Reborn.

To farm a botanist, players can pay attention to the Botany Leveling Guide and find the locations, Botany Quest items and levequests. They must spend some time in upgrading for the class in the game. Different classes have different tools. And Botanist often uses Hatchers and Scythes as tools in working in the game.

As the class in ffxiv arr, a botanist has its own skills and Stats, which can affect the gathering of lightning, fire ad water shards, crystals, clusters and so on. As levels rise, the skills of the botanist will add. Totally, a botanist is able to get eighteen skills when he or she reaches level 50. What’s more, the important Stats of Botanist are GP, Gathering and Perception.

Of course, Botany has traits. Here is the detail introduction about the traits as follows:

FFXIV Botanist