Final Fantasy XIV Is The Most Narrative-rich MMOs

It is a great success for FFXIV that Naoki Yoshida reboot of the disastrous Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 into A Realm Reborn back in 2013, which not only demonstrating that a gorgeous, content-rich and regularly updated subscription-based MMORPG was still a viable prospect, but also attracting scores of new players into the virtual world of Eorzea.

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With the release of Heavensward, the question is whether this new expansion can keep players invested and ensure the long-term future of Eorzea. Heavensward picks up a couple of weeks after A Realm Reborn’s dramatic Game of Thrones-style finale.

It’s worth noting that as a prerequisite to enjoying anything this expansion has to offer, including the three new jobs. Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian–you must have finished A Realm Reborn’s entire story, including its five content patches. This is non-negotiable. You are prohibited from even entering Heavensward’s main city, Ishgard, until the entire prior storyline has been completed.

This may be frustrating to those who enjoyed A Realm Reborn but never worked their way through the narrative. Many MMOs tend to open up expansion content immediately upon release for those at an appropriate character level, regardless of their quest progress, but Square Enix has taken a stricter approach here. However, this makes sense in the context of the game as a whole, since Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most narrative-rich MMOs on the market.

Square Enix Apologizes And Offers Refunds To FFXIV Mac’s Buyers

Square Enix has temporarily stopped selling the Final Fantasy XIV Mac client since the poor communication of system requirements and widespread disappointment with performance. Square Enix states that they will offers refunds to players.


Having spent the better part of two years using alternative methods such as Boot Camp to run Final Fantasy XIV on their systems, Mac had been clamoring for a Mac-native client for ages. The long-awaited software was launched late last month to coincide with the release of Heavensward, the MMORPG’s first major expansion pack. Problems arose immediately.

For one, the Mac client is essentially the Windows client in a wrapper that tells the Mac how to handle the Windows functions. With that additional layer involved there was no way the Mac client could compete with simply using Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac and using the regular old game client.

Retailers began selling and shipping the Mac version of the client prior to its official launch on June 23, during which time performance was still being optimized. Far more problematic was the fact that the official system requirements for the Mac client were not published until after launch. Users who had preordered the software had no idea whether or not their systems could run it properly, having based their purchase off incorrect speculative system requirements released prior.

In a lengthy letter to fans posted late last week, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida takes direct responsibility for allowing the Mac client to be released in such a state. While the development and operations teams, as well as our entire company, were involved in this mistake, it was I who ultimately made the decision to release the Mac version under these circumstances and therefore bear sole responsibility, and I sincerely apologize to you all.

Square Enix repeatedly apologized and indicated that they decided to offer full refunds to purchaser. Many players who purchased a product which Mac hardware could not run at even the minimum system requirements have expressed their dissatisfaction. “If they provided accurate information beforehand, I would not have purchased the Mac version”, they said.

FFXIV’s Mac Version Be Suspended Sales Since Performance Issues

Square Enix, The Final Fantasy publisher, suspend sales online-roleplay Mac version in the holiday weekend, since Waves of vitriolic gamers forced the company with serious performance issues from Arkham Knight.

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The long-awaited Mac version of Final Fantasy XIV arrived on June 23, but elicited jeers from sites like Kotaku (“Final Fantasy XIV’s New Mac Client Is A Joke”) and Destructoid (“Final Fantasy XIV’s Mac port isn’t great”), because the game apparently runs like a drunken donkey whether you meet the required specs or not.

The game’s producer/director Naoki Yoshida outlined the issue in a 2,000-word mea culpa on Square Enix’s forums. In summary: the Mac version was released too soon, the system requirements were set too low, and boy is Square Enix ever sorry. The word “apologize” occurs seven times on the page.

The Mac version of Final Fantasy XIV uses middleware developed by TransGaming to get Windows’ DirectX visual systems working in the Mac’s OpenGL environment. That, in portability parlance, is what’s known as a wrapper, and since wrappers have to translate crazy-complex rendering logic in realtime, they always induce a performance penalty. Studios use wrappers to port games much faster, lowering their development costs. But what’s interesting in Yoshida’s disclosure is his claim that a native OpenGL version would still have been significantly inferior to the DirectX version.

Well, you can choose Boot Camp if you want to play Final Fantasy XIV at maximal speeds on a Mac. Of course, If you want a refund, Square Enix has you covered here. Yoshida says the company will re-release the game for sale, once the update of game’s system and the improvement of game’s performance be done.

Earn Runescape Gold By Killing Creatures

There are all sorts of ways to earn RS Gold in Runescape, from growing herbs to making nature runes. There are a number of different ways to make a profit in Runescape using many of the various skills in the game.

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Killing creatures is one of the most popular methods used to earn Runescape Gold. This also ties into the members’ skill, Slayer, where you kill creatures for profit. Players who train and make money off the Slayer skill are simply called Slayers. While raising Slayer levels, you can make profit. Slayer monsters such as Jellies, Nechryaels, and Abyssal Demons drop items for people to make a profit from.

Besides, in non-member worlds, the style of killing even the most basic creatures can earn Runescape Gold. For example, beginners at combat in Runescape can kill Chickens or Cows. The feathers from the Chickens can be sold for 5-15gp each, to Fletchers and Fishers. Cow Hides can be sold to Crafters who use it to level the Crafting Skill, and sell their crafted armor to Rangers.


Be aware that this guide is not 100% accurate due to methods constantly changing, and new methods being discovered. The item prices in this guide may not be the items’ current price and in order to make sure, double check the value of items. Nothing in this guide is guaranteed to be 100% successful.

A New World Will Be Opened In Runescape Tuska Falls

The galactic terror from Runescape Tuska’s reign has kept away from us under the efforts of Gielinor’s Godless after a month of fighting. She passed the planet’s atmosphere like a runaway horse, and ultimately stay in a lifeless place.

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You can still access the Tuska D&D by clicking the magical barrier near to Wizard Chambers, and purchase the Tuska World Event rewards which albeit at an increased points cost from Chambers himself with Runescape Gold.

If you’d like to rewatch the cutscene that plays on first log-in after today’s update, you can do so by talking to Kara-Meir. But this is much more than a monument to Gielinor’s victory over the beast goddess. From next week, the portal on Tuska’s back will open, giving you access to a strange new world.

The armour which got from the Tuska rewards shop in the World Event has been called off. Do you expect to adventure from Mazcab? What are you waiting for? Join us!

The Island-hopping Event And Runescape Homeworld

Well, you must expect the mysterious planet Mazcab In Runescape. Let’s visit it today. Tuska’s limp body hurtles towards the planet after be soundly beaten by the might of the Godless. Meanwhile, you will take one giant leap for mankind from opened portal on her back. How heroic!

As for Tuska herself, you’ll still be able to play the island-hopping event content to earn rewards, so make sure you pop back if you fancy some more action. raids, big cats, elite slayer creatures and a brand new planet await.

Firstly, you ‘ll get to meet the Goebies, a stange race of frog-like creatures with their own Airut-related problems. Tuska had gorged on the planet many years before, with a task force of warriors remaining to act as cruel overlords. The planet itself is packed full of new, exciting content for all types of players, and we’ll have plenty of news and videos about that in the near future.

This is a new take on high-lever boss fights, featuring groups of up to ten players. Each raid has a very different bit of gameplay, with plenty of teamwork required just to reach each boss fight. There are two different bosses in total with plenty of plans for more in the future, growing in difficulty and rewards.

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An Useful Skill In Runescape — Combat

The art of Combat plays a large role in Runescape. You can loot valuable rewards to trade Runescape Gold From your enemies by combat. Besides, Combat does have its perks, having the ability to wear stronger equipment is other superiority.

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There are dangerous creatures wandering throughout the land, quests which require you to slay deadly bosses, and Player vs. Player Activities where you’ll be fighting against formidable opponents. You will face them during your combat.

Combat makes up a large part of Runescape, involving 8 of the 24 skills, and widely popular among players. Combat is the use of these skills to attack other Non-Player Characters, or other Players. The skills used in Combat are as follows: Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Summoning, Constitution.

These eight skills are the foundation of combat, all of them widely used in all forms. Originally, combat levels were capped at 126. However, in January of 2008, summoning was released. This skill being counted toward your combat level, the cap was therefore raised to 138.

The Evolution of Combat, released late November 2012, changed the combat formula once again. It was raised to 200 and could be found by adding your defence level to your highest combat skill and then adding two.

With the release of Legacy Mode, combat levels have been reverted back to the old cap of 138. Skills, such as Magic and Range, now play a bigger role in how your combat level is calculated. Combat levels in Oldschool Runescape are capped at 126. They take all skills into account apart from Summoning as it hadn’t yet been released.

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